Teal Kitty


When it comes to Halloween, I clearly don’t mess around. This year I decided to dress up as a zombie bride, something I’ve always wanted to do. I put my costume together with three trips to Goodwill, a pair of left-handed fabric sheers (thanks daddy), and scotch tape to hold everything in place. For my veil I quickly fastened a yard of tulle to one of my dazzling Kristin Perry headbands. For a girl who seems to spend several hours on a sewing machine a week, I just didn’t have time to put together something more extravagant in a short amount of time. But I guess zombie brides aren’t supposed to look as glamorous anyways.

There are so many things to do in LA for this spooky holiday. Santa Monica Boulevard is closed off and West Hollywood just turns into a huge block party. This year us southern Californians had to deal with something that is a foreign concept to us…bad weather. By 11pm there were chipper winds and showers, not so good for my all white outfit, outrageous makeup and three inch heels. Of course it would rain on my 'wedding day'. So in this case my advice would be to wear flats for halloween, bring makeup touch-ups and never get married without a prenup (lol kidding but not kidding).  But, I still had such a great night. I went to The Standard Hotel rooftop party downtown then made my way back west to Create Nightclub. My zombie self made it home in one piece, and I already have ideas of what to dress up next year.

I got my makeup done by the artist Valerie at the Nars boutique on Melrose, which is tucked between the Marc by Marc Jacobs women’s store and DASH. My photos include my lovely comrade Monique Giselle (dressed as a Russian spy part of the KGB) and Jamar who is my very favorite server turned friend who works at the restaurant in The Standard Hotel downtown, you must visit him he’s my favorite. 

amfAR Generation Cure Event 10/29/14

Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

Kelly Osborne

Red carpet without the red carpet with my dear friend Nevin

winking ;)

I am so excited to share photos with you from my magical night last Wednesday. I attended the  amfAR Generation Cure after party, a foundation devoted to ending the AIDS epidemic globally. Kelly Osborne hosted the after-party; the lilac purple-haired spunky vivacious girl was everything I have imagined. When I met Kelly I told her that I have been watching Fashion Police since high school, and told her my secret that I’ve always wanted a friend with periwinkle hair like herself.

The event was located at STK, a restaurant on La Cienega and Santa Monica Boulevard. The party included bite-size red velvet cupcakes topped with velvety cream cheese frosting, bubbly Brut, and gleaming golden chandeliers.

The absolute highlight of my night was meeting Chiara Ferragni. I have followed her eye-popping fashion blog for years, The Blonde Salad. Chiara, originally from Milan, has every girls dream job. From being a part of YSL Beauty ad campaigns, sitting front row at Fashion Week in Paris,  launching her own shoe line, being a guest judge on Project Runway and she even wrote her own book that came out in 2012. And that’s just to name a few. Chiara was dressed in the most ravishing dress made by Fendi. She was sweet and charismatic as I asked her how she was liking her stay in LA. Chiara recently hit her goal of 3 million followers on Instagram. Yes, 3 million. This girl is on fire.

I am wearing a blazer and romper from Topshop. Purse is from Urban Outfitters, tarnished silver necklace from All Saints and my shoes are made by the ever-so breathtaking  Isabel Marant. They are made out of pony hair, and I frequently catch myself petting them subconsciously.  

Many (possibly all) photos taken by one of my dearest friends, Nevin Samuy. I appreciate you.

Desert Vibes: Ngoc and Josh Get Hitched in Joshua Tree 10/25/14

I ate like 7.

Boots for wedding?! Perfection. 

My favorite clutch.

My cousin Kim just came back from Japan and was wearing this gorgeous kimono made out of raw silk. I want to steal it. 

The gorgeous desert princess bride, Ngoc!

Had the pleasure to have a desert get-away by Joshua Tree National Park, at Rimrock Ranch. My cousin Ngoc decided to tie the knot in this barren paradise. It was refreshing to not have phone service for 48 hours, so I had a reason to not reply to work emails on a Saturday. I’m overly obsessed with the succulent centerpieces in pinch pots that her and her husband made by hand. The wedding was absolutely magical and beautiful. Congrats to this lovely couple, so excited for your future together! XOXO

Of course, I went through at least 5 dress choices from when I received the wedding invitation in the mail to when I was packing my suitcase. I decided on this flowy floral dress that I bought online from Urban Outfitters that arrived in the mail a couple days before, a result of one of my impulse shopping sprees of “I-totally-deserve-this”/”I-haven’t-really-shopped-in-awhile.” My boots are from LF, earrings from Kate Spade, body chain from Kristin Perry and my gorgeous ring is from Androgyny Designs. Androgyny is hand-crafted in Los Angeles, and they use the most gorgeous stones and metals in their unique pieces. I got so many compliments on this geo rock ring. You have to check them out!

One of my most prized possessions is my clutch. My grandma passed away a few months ago, and when I headed out to Denver for her Irish wake I stole this pretty number out of her closet (don’t tell my other cousins). I wish I could say this was some vintage Valentino, but it is just some hand-beaded adornment that says made in China. Everything she left in the purse I still keep in there: her red comb, pack of tissues and a piece of scratch paper with phone numbers written on it. I miss her so much, and having this treasure always reminds me of her. 

Take Me to Wildfox! Wildfox Couture Flagship Store Grand Opening 10/16/14

To this day, I’ve never read a company’s mission statement that I’m more in love with than the one for Wildfox Couture. “For dreamers, for lovers, for skinny dippers, for barefoot explorers, for late night chocolate eaters, for those who believe in love and themselves.” Wildfox is a whimsical dream; I have always been a fan of their quirky screen tees, legendary ad campaigns and watching their swim show at Miami Fashion Week.

I am SO excited for Wildfox to have their own store and it is conveniently located in the most charming blush colored bungalow located in Sunset Plaza on Sunset Boulevard. I attended the grand opening party of the flagship store last Thursday night, and to my prior knowledge I know that Wildfox parties don’t disappoint.

The party included a sushi bar, complimentary manicures, lavish floral arrangements, a ping-pong table and of course an ice cream truck covered in Swarovski crystals. Red carpet guests included Alessandra Ambrosio (who I haven’t seen since I attended her birthday earlier this year, lol) and Scott Disick (who kindly patted me on the back and said “excuse me”, another lol).

If you were to ask me what my favorite thing about Wildfox is, I would have to say their denim. The Marissa Boyfriend Jeans actually make my heart skip a beat, and the Marianne skinnies are the perfect compliment to any oversized tee. The denim designer, Michelle Siwy, is a dear friend of mine and her creations get more desirable by the minute. She even made overalls! I promise they’re cute.

I’m also so in love with the swim collection. Probably the cutest one pieces, like ever. Roam into the store and see for yourself. My words don’t do justice to how dreamy this place is. And I can’t think of any other adjectives that can describe the store other than dreamy, that’s why I’m so repetitive. Go visit Wildfox, it’s absolutely breathtaking! 

I'm wearing a lace dress from Free People, leather jacket from All Saints and earrings from Kate Spade. Pictured with my lovely friend Monique Giselle.



Restoration Hardware Store Opening on Melrose 10/22/14

I know what you’re thinking…Restoration Hardware is a furniture store. But let me tell ya, this isn’t an ordinary furniture store. This place is absolutely unreal. It’s the kind of place you dream of having slumber parties in even though you’re in your mid-twenties. Like I'm 87.3% positive that Grey Gatsby is living somewhere in there. Each room has a unique look. There are huge windows that lead into balconies that overlook all of West LA. I didn’t make it to the top level because there was extra security because apparently Paris Hilton and her gal pals were up there (lol idk). This three story massive store is located on Melrose Ave across the street from Urth Café and next door to Kitson. The interior decorations are elegant and cutting-edge all at the same time. The store opening included wine tasting from their very own cellar in-store and live music. If you’re ever in the Melrose District this is a must-see destination. Restoration Hardware is taking over.

I am wearing a black dress by James Perse (my go-to LBD), fur coat from Rehab Clothing (its faux fur, don't chu worry), and shoes from one of my favorite Aussie brands Senso. Wearing the lip color Heroine from Mac Cosmetics. It’s a matte and it makes me feel like a diva and an alien in all the best ways. You might need it too. P.S. Babe in matching fur with me is my BFF/roommate, Birdie Lyons.

Tribute to Oscar de la Renta

One of my favorite spots in LA is Melrose Place. I discovered it a few years back when my love for Marc Jacobs was at it’s peek (it’s still pretty up there, just lowered with the Fall 2014 collection that I just can’t bring myself to like), and lately I’ve been meandering the streets searching for inspiration.  I usually end up staring at the mystical-garden-of-a-dream store, Isabel Marant, while sipping on a chai tea latte from Alfred's Coffee (located on the same block, highly recommended). When I gaze at the store entrance of Isabel Marant my head slowly tilts to a 45 degree angle and I wouldn't be surprised if my face looked equivalent to the heart-shaped eye emoji. 

I was at Alfred’s today, with a copy of the October issue of Vogue. I used to only flip through Vogue to see all the latest ad campaigns, but I recently discovered many of the cover stories very intriguing and stimulating. One of my favorite articles in this month’s issue featured one of my favorite writers, Jonathan Van Meter, about how as one of the top respected fashion journalists of Manhattan he made the dramatic decision to move upstate. He reveals in the article how he became "bored with Manhattan." Reading those words actually might have physically hurt my eyes for a second.

Next, I stumbled to the article Princess Bride and my heart completely stopped. Not because of George Clooney’s soon-to-be wife in the white gown, but because of the man standing next to her: Oscar de la Renta.  Oscar de la Renta passed away a couple days ago but it didn’t hit me until that moment I saw him on the page of Vogue, so charming with a huge grin across his face. I'm not much of a history enthusiast (unlike my sister), but I have always been fascinated with how he mastered elegance and has dressed every First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. In the article it talks about the custom gown he made for George Clooney’s bride (don’t remember her name, not relevant), and it brought me back to the first time I saw his bridal gowns at his boutique on Melrose Place.   I knew the first time that I laid my eyes on his exquisite dresses that one day when I get married that there was no choice but to get an Oscar de la Renta, I have to have one. So here I am. At a coffee shop reading about how this fashion icon of a designer said in his interview: “Any girl from any walk of life dreams of that special dress, and I try to make that dream a reality for her.” I totally forgot where I was and started tearing up like the condensation on the cup of my pomegranate green iced tea. I’m in no way an emotional mess of a girl, but something about couturier does it to me.

Before my parking meter expired, I walked a few stores down to Oscar de la Renta. Inside they have one of my favorite pieces from SS15 runway (dress with a massive bow in the back), home collection (which I didn’t even know existed until now and so totally in love with it), and of course a room filled with the dreamiest wedding gowns. Here’s a few pictures from inside the store. Rest in paradise Oscar de la Renta; you are responsible for my infatuation with floral patterns and one of the most brilliant fashion designers to ever walk this planet. 

Inside Teal Kitty

Back from a cat nap! I am so very excited to share my turquoise dreams with you in my first apartment in LA. I’m absolutely in love with my location and couldn’t be more excited to live in the city. Of course, I had to have all turquoise furniture, which I found secondhand or at flea markets. I’m beyond obsessed with ad campaigns and editorials in Vogue and Net-A-Porter, so one of my many sleepless nights I decided to cover my wall in this masterpiece. Some pictures were on my wall back home, and I took them with me because I just couldn’t leave them. Like when Kate Moss was on the cover of UK Vogue in July 2013 (I think) or when Karlie Kloss did an editorial with Daft Punk. Next I’ll show you all my favorite pieces in my closet, stay tuned ;)

Welcome to Beverly Glen

Walking around my neighborhood in Beverly Glen. Obsessed with all the ivy covered  houses, pretty roses and quiet streets. I love this necklace because it could be worn from a day to night look. It can dress up any outfit and is most definitely a statement piece.

Photographer: Jose Gallina

Sunglasses: Celine

Shorts: Band of Gypsies

Shirt: Urban Outfitters


Mint Green for Summer

Exploring my new neighborhood in Beverly Glen! I've never worn this dress out but I love the contrast with my new Kristin Perry necklace. Enjoying the last few days off summer in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Photographer: Jose Gallina

Dress: Free People

Necklace: Kristin Perry


San Francisco I'm Baaaaack

Back in the bae area! Had so much fun working with photographer Adam Dillon, we instantly hit it off as BFFs. He showed me one of his favorite coffee shops in the city Blue Bottle Coffee which was maybe the best latte I've ever had. I'm totally in love with San Francisco and I can't wait to go back very soon.

Photographer: Adam Dillon

Leather Jacket: All Saints

Tank Top: Anthony Thomas Mellillo from Barney's New York

Ear Cuff: Kristin Perry

Silk Flannel: Equipment

Jeans: Rag and Bone

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Desert Dreams

Made a trip out to the desert to escape for the day. I was absolutely thrilled to be shooting for Androgyny Design. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the designers, Courtney Bensik, and fell head over heels for her intricate pieces with precious metals and gemstones. Perfect for the desert vibe and a weekend getaway. Clothing provided by The Lobby and Beach Riot.

Photographer: Taylor Herron

Stylist: Sahar Hissami

Rings: Androgyny Design

Bathing Suit: Beach Riot

Dress: Free People

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: The Lobby

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Glasses and Glam Lyfe

My new favorite sunglasses! Obsessed with the shape and detailing on these shades. At first I thought that these were a little too outrageous for everyday but I found that they compliment any sundress and perfect for any summer outing. These are my second pair of sunglasses I own from Kristin Perry, and I don't think I could ever have enough!

Photos by: Taylor Herron

Sunglasses: Kristin Perry

Dress: Free People

Velvet and Jewels

All about detail! I love the intensely hued color and texture of this bralette by Private Arts. Perfect to wear with anything high-waisted and/or a slouchy off the shoulder sweater. Can be worn from day to night by changing a range of jewelry or paired with a brightly matte lipstick to contrast the luster of the velvet textile.

Photo by: Taylor Herron

Bralette: Private Arts

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Sweater: Free People

Beach Vibe

Photos by: Taylor Herron

Bandeau: Private Arts

Shorts: L' Agence

Shirt: Free People

Bracelets: House of Harlow and Charlotte Russe


Beach Riot on Diamond Street

Photos by Taylor Herron

Bathing Suit: Beach Riot

Shorts: Topshop

Flower headpiece: LF 

Booties: Rag and Bone

Cheetah on Cheetah

Photos by Chris Canon

Shirt: Wildfox Couture

Shorts: Levi

Booties: Rag and Bone

Beanie: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs


Fi takes San Francisco

Photographer: Ryan by Ryan Chua

Dress, shoes, clutch, necklace, bracelets: Charlotte Russe

Little White Dress

Photographer: Ryan by Ryan Chua

Dress, Shoes, Clutch, Necklace: Charlotte Russe


Romper City Gal 

Photographer: Ryan by Ryan Chua 

Romper, shoes, clutch, bracelet, necklace: Charlotte Russe