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Halloween Town

A DAY IN THE LYFE, SO LAFiona LeahyComment

When it comes to Halloween, I clearly don’t mess around. This year I decided to dress up as a zombie bride, something I’ve always wanted to do. I put my costume together with three trips to Goodwill, a pair of left-handed fabric sheers (thanks daddy), and scotch tape to hold everything in place. For my veil I quickly fastened a yard of tulle to one of my dazzling Kristin Perry headbands. For a girl who seems to spend several hours on a sewing machine a week, I just didn’t have time to put together something more extravagant in a short amount of time. But I guess zombie brides aren’t supposed to look as glamorous anyways.

There are so many things to do in LA for this spooky holiday. Santa Monica Boulevard is closed off and West Hollywood just turns into a huge block party. This year us southern Californians had to deal with something that is a foreign concept to us…bad weather. By 11pm there were chipper winds and showers, not so good for my all white outfit, outrageous makeup and three inch heels. Of course it would rain on my 'wedding day'. So in this case my advice would be to wear flats for halloween, bring makeup touch-ups and never get married without a prenup (lol kidding but not kidding).  But, I still had such a great night. I went to The Standard Hotel rooftop party downtown then made my way back west to Create Nightclub. My zombie self made it home in one piece, and I already have ideas of what to dress up next year.

I got my makeup done by the artist Valerie at the Nars boutique on Melrose, which is tucked between the Marc by Marc Jacobs women’s store and DASH. My photos include my lovely comrade Monique Giselle (dressed as a Russian spy part of the KGB) and Jamar who is my very favorite server turned friend who works at the restaurant in The Standard Hotel downtown, you must visit him he’s my favorite.