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Traveling Europe With Betabrand!

TRAVELFiona LeahyComment

I backpacked across Italy and then to England with my new favorite backpack thanks to one of my favorite companies in San Francisco, Betabrand. If you haven't heard of Betabrand yet, you will be very soon. At Betabrand, customers can submit designs for new products and if they have enough pre-orders they will manufacture it. Anyone can be a fashion designer! Their online store is filled with creative innovative products, and even the apparel is modeled by customers. Some of their top-selling products are Dress Pants Yoga Pants (pants you can wear to work then to the gym), Poo Emoji Button-Up Shirt (recently featured on MTV.com), and my personal favorite Plaidgisoft Vajamas (the softest pajama pants in the entire world made of a Polartec fleece on the inside and out.)

This Betabrand backpack saved my life. Because I'm a improvising impromptu amateur twenty-something year old girl from Southern California, I'm not the best about planning ahead weather-wise. When we first got to Venice, it rained. The second night, it snowed. Yes...it snowed in Venice, Italy. Who would of thought that the little magical island had the capability of completely being covered in ice. The Betabrand Backpack is completely water-proof and I was so relieved when I got back to my hotel room to find my camera and my sour candy (the two most important things) didn't have a drop of water on them. So amazing!