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Far Away From Home

Fiona LeahyComment

I always get asked if I miss home. I mean, rlly? Who doesn't to some extent. It's funny here because half the time when I tell people I'm from California they like to talk shit on LA because maybe they spent 5 days there on some mid-holiday itinerary after Las Vegas and before SF and visited the Venice Boardwalk, hiked the Hollywood Sign and went to Alfred's and got a coconut milk gluten-free latte. Awful. Really. You don't know LA unless you spend a whole bunch of time there because it takes time to really know your way around. I'm still probably as confused as most observers of my life on what the hell I'm doing on this green island. It's been almost 5 months here and I still don't know exactly what I'm doing but it works (?)

I lived in Southern California my entire life. The biggest obstacle I've had to deal with here is that when people look at me, they already know I'm from overseas. And then once I open my mouth and speak, there is a 78% chance that they can pinpoint that I spent sometime around *~ThE VaLLeY~* resulting as if I could possibly have rubbed shoulders with Cher from Clueless. I mean, I totally would wear yellow plaid. Valley girl has somehow made it's way into my permanent dialect and with my subtle mysterious hint of an a mid-western accent; I basically just present myself as if I'm some expat straggler who is very far away from home base. It's hard to hide here, even with big sunglasses because the sun is not always out so I look like even more of a freak. 

I don't really have any interesting photos to add to this post. I mean, I could most definitely add some from the album feed in my phone, but I have nothing to document that I cried at 4am two mornings ago for reasons I don't want to publicly explain on the interwebs, but I mean that's the real me sometimes? This just got pretty dark. Till next time xo