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What To-Do On Valentine's Day Because You Don't Have A Valentine

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If someone hasn't asked you to hangout Saturday night at this point, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that you probably won't have a date. And that's totally fine, boys kinda suck anyways. I mean if you enjoy his company I would say yes to the date, but don't go out of your way desperately looking for some #romance.  As much as I joke about my romance-less life, sometimes I do miss having someone to do everything with. Instead when I need a last-minute plus one to an event I go down a list asking all the same guy friends that I call when I need to put together Ikea furniture. When I ask a guy friend "what are you doing tonight?" he doesn't know if I'm calling about an open bar magazine issue release party with my babe model friends to introduce them to or if I need help building a credenza. Anyways, I've put together this hot list of activities you can indulge yourself into on Saturday because if you're single (or cynical) on this inconsequential holiday, calories don't count. 

1. Wine Tasting On Your Couch- Pretty self-explanatory, but underrated. I'm really into pinot noir lately...~swoon

2. Watch Gossip Girl- DON'T watch the romantic episodes. Instead watch the episodes when Chuck trades Blair for the Empire (still upset over this). Or the episodes where Blair is dating Dan Humphrey (still makes me cringe to this day that Blair would date someone from Brooklyn.)


3. Make an obnoxious dessert and eat it all- IT'S 2015 AND CHEESECAKE FILLED STRAWBERRIES ARE A REAL THING. Get the recipe here

4. Shooting Range- If seeing some girl that you haven't talked to since junior year of high school post a photo of  flowers she got delivered to her office accompanied by a box of chocolates she probably won't even eat because she's afraid they have gluten in them makes you want to put a bullet in something, then shooting range might be a good idea. I'm not a violent type of gal, but if you're feeling distraught over how your last beau broke your heart this might be a good way to get some of your words left unsaid out. If you're in LA visit the LAX Firing Range, here

5. Mondrian Hotel Sky Bar- Because what's a better way to celebrate anything than being poolside with a refreshing cocktail. The lychee one is my favorite. AND on Valentine's Day they're having a little day party with DJ Best Ghost (I'm a fan girl for him). Event info below.

6. Buy yourself flowers- Go ahead, you don't need someone to buy them for you. You can post them on Instagram and hashtag #secretadmirer and pretend that someone left them on your porch. I won't tell anyone. 

7. Drive!- Have no destination and see what you stumble upon. Go up the coast and stop at hidden coffee shops. Drive up PCH to Malibu and go to one of my favorite spots on the pier, Malibu Farm. The Swedish Mini Pancakes are like one of my favorite things ever. The view is perfect. Go to a place you've always wanted to go to before. Drive to Salvation Mountain. Discover an ivy covered garden cafe. Make cheesy Valentine's Day cards and give them out to cute baristas. 


Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Buy Yourself For Christmas Because You Don't Have A Boyfriend

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I got a lot of positive feedback on my last shopping guide, so I decided to create this. I also got some attention from men who coincidentally decided to text me after I posted that. And I'm just like ~srry br0~, If you really wanted a leather jacket you had to start pursuing me a loooong time ago. You're a little too late and I'm not interested. I'm doing perfectly fine in the dating scene and things are looking up for me since my last relationship, I mean I even joined Tinder.   So anyways, I decided to make this list for loner girls like myself that persuade themselves that they deserve to shop for themselves because you're just f*&%ing great.

1. Voluspa Candle 'Suede Blanc' $16 

So this candle smells like musky cologne without the overkill like you're walking past Abercrombie. Soooooo basically, this is a boyfriend replacement. Date night by yourself. The candle won't talk back, so you don't have to pretend like you care about politics or who won the game today. Just light it up and have a romantic dinner and you can drink an entire bottle of wine without sharing with anyone. 

2. Lili Claspe Jewelry $40-245

Okay let's face it: no one is buying you jewelry this year. Like maybe your mom but that doesn't really count. So treat yourself and don't be a basic bitch and buy something from Tiffanys. Get something trendy that will pop with every outfit. I'm overly obsessed with this jewelry line Lili Claspe. It is vintage inspired made with precious gemstones. I'm in love with everything but some of my favorites are: Moss Agate Ring ($150), Amelia Chain ($80), Deer Lovely ($40), Arpie Cuff ($245) and while you're at it just buy the Dueling Guns Jewelry Holder ($130). And if you're thinking that you shouldn't spend all this money on yourself then just think how much money you're saving not having to shop for a significant other this year...GOTCHA.

3. Bat Your Lashes Underwire Bralette, For Love and Lemons $121

Ummmm if we're looking at the same picture you know that this is a must-have. You don't need a cute boy to wear a cute bra. For Love and Lemons is one of my favorite clothing brands that are based out of Los Angeles. Everything they make makes me drool. I want it all; knits, lingerie, dresses etc. The lace is so perfect; I wore their Antigua Dress for my last birthday and got a bundle of compliments.

4.  Fresh, Sugar Dream Kit $52

I just bought this and it's possibly life changing. Your lips feel smoother than churned butter and afterwards you can apply a matte lipstick and it'll look/feel perfectly velvety. Even though you're not kissing any boys it's never a bad idea because you never know who you'll meet under the mistletoe (rhymed not on purpose). 

These are SO fun. I love photo booths and my roommate has this camera and my wall is covered in polaroid pictures. iPhone photos eventually get forgotten but these are so precious. Some of my best memories have been taken on this thing, like when I ended up at a zebra farm on my 21st (really good story) and Lana del Rey concert at Hollywood Forever with my little sister. Buy it from the link and that website doesn't charge tax or shipping.

6. West 57th Travel Pouch, Henri Bendel $98

My daily life aspiration is to be as much like Blair Waldorf as possible. I frequently ask myself: "what would Blair Waldorf do?" I think I have such high standards in guys because of Chuck Bass, even though I'm completely aware that he is a fictional character. This cute little wristlet is so upper east sider and chic. It comes in like 4 other colors but red is the best one since it really stands out.

7. Rebecca Minkoff Tech-Wearable Jewelry (coming soon)

I've wanted this since Rebecca Minkoff revealed it last season at New York Fashion Week. She's one of my favorite designers and I've always been a fan of her accessories. A cute bracelet that's also a phone charger?!? I don't know about you, but when my phone dies the party is over. When I see that little red bar when you hit under 20% it's time to call an Uber and GTFO. So....if I'm wearing a phone charger bracelet out, basically I don't think the party will ever stop. I'll just be like Miley and be like 'we can't stop, we won't stop.' Her line of 'functional fashion' is said to be debuting this spring and I'm counting down the days. So maybe this isn't exactly Christmas list worthy, but save your pennies so you can buy this in a couple months.

8. YSL Mascara $30

THE BEST $30 YOU'LL EVER SPEND. I love this so much that I bought one for all my best friends last Christmas. My favorite ones are 'Shocking' and 'Babydoll.' I use Babydoll on my bottom lashes because it's more whispy and then I kinda look like....a baby doll.

9. Forever Alone Pillow

So I'm not exactly sure if this is a real thing, but it totally should be.Don't have to be sad about not having a cuddle buddy to watch a movie with on a Friday night. Just keep this thing in your closet and bring it out to treat yo' self on the weekends.

Veuve Clicquot $50

Veuve is always a good idea. Buy this and drink it with all your girlfriends and sit in a circle and talk about the worst date you've ever been on. I somehow have more worst date stories than most people. I guess I'm just really lucky. Only buy the bottle that comes in the box, otherwise it doesn't make as good of an insta pic (all that matters).

Shopping Guide: Everything I Would Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas If He Existed

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Now I hope you don't get totally thrown off by the title of this post. No, I'm not desperately boyfriend searching. I'm not bitter about being single whatsoever but I guess I don't always have the best of luck in the #romance category.  I'm so independent that my father actually worries about me when I say that maybe I'll never get married because he fears my lack of procreation in the future. I have so many girlfriends that have told me "I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas." After I'm done rolling my eyes for the 7th time, I thought of a few ideas. And it seems like I'm the go-to gal for this advice because for whatever reason they think I'm *~eXPeRieNCeD~* in this field of work, but really I think I'm just a shopaholic with an infatuation with men's fashion. So, if your man isn't that into the way he dresses this guide isn't really for you (Or maybe you should reconsider your relationship). Or maybe it is, if you want him to look better so your arm candy is more swanky and hot. Your decision. 

1.  Bonne Maison Socks  $20+

These unique socks are made in France and spun from Egyptian cotton in Italy. The patterns are so unique and stood out to me right when I saw them. My favorites are the floral patterns Fawn Bouquet and Dark Carnation. I know you're thinking that floral is girly, but a hint of femininity is so in style. 

2. Rag and Bone Wallet $125

One of my favorite American fashion labels for both men and women's collections. These wallets are 100% leather and  timeless, he'll never get sick of it. Anything from Rag and Bone is a perfect gift for a guy, and you can find a lot of discounted things on Barney's Warehouse.

3. Breeze Breathalyzer $100

Okay so this isn't really fashion related, but your boo thang getting a DUI wouldn't be cute either. This pocket gadget key chain checks your blood alcohol level and will tell you how long it will take you until your sober. Woah, this thing is so futuristic and so 2014.

4. John Varvatos Cologne $88

John Varvatos makes the best colognes! There's a variety so go smell them all and see what your favorite is. My favorite scent is Vintage. The smell of this can make things deceiving, like you might think a guy is hotter than he actually is because you're so distracted with how good he smells. Comes from experience.

5. Acne Button Down Shirt $200-300

These are only for boyfriends that really like fashion. Acne is bigger across seas than it is in Los Angeles, it's a Stockholm luxury fashion house that stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions." No, has nothing to do with blemishes. 


Okay, these are just perfect. If your boy toy has an edgy side to him, these are everything. If you think your boyfriend can't pull this off, please do not risk it. Wannabe biker boys are unpleasing to the eye.  My favorite styles are: Cranleigh Leather Biker Jacket and Cargo Leather Jacket.

7. Record Player $100+

So how cute would it be if your boyfriend put on some records when you came to his house....just sayin'

8. Make him a blanket! 

I looked up boyfriend gift ideas on Pinterest, and I'm scrolling through all this shit and I'm thinking to myself what kind of guy wants this. Like why is something glittery and sparkly in every other picture. No, don't make him art-class-project scrapbook. At least I wouldn't. But then again I'm not the one to talk because maybe this is why I am single; I have never made a DIY snow globe or a card game containing the 52 reasons 'I love you' (plz hold while I go throw up a little.)The only thing on there that had semi-potential is making a blanket. There are cute ones that are easy to make without sewing and there's probably a youtube video out there that will teach you in less than 30 seconds. 

9. Art of Shaving Kit $120

He'll love this I promise! And they come in kits with everything they'll need. And then their face smells good (weird?).  They also come in different scents and my favorite is Sandalwood. 

10. Fitbit Watch $250

Okay to be completely honest, I actually kind of want one of these myself. If your boy is the athletic gym-going type, he'll find this useful. It tracks your heart beat, GPS tracking (you could probably somehow set it up before you give it to him so you can GPS stalk him idk), calorie counter and so much more. 

Go Gala 2014 at The Montage in Beverly Hills

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First things first, met my (future) boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Hey, Rob.

I attended the Go Campaign Gala last Thursday night at The Montage in Beverly Hills. The Montage is one of my go-to places to go in west LA when I have nothing to do. My best friend Lauren and I would always go to the rooftop bar with Starbucks to kill time before going out on the town and causing trouble in my teenage years. The Montage is a gorgeous hotel and the architecture and gardens get me every time. 

Go Campaign is an organization that improves equal opportunity to unprivileged children. The event included an auction to benefit the campaign and raise awareness. The venue included the most beautiful vibrant flowers scattered everywhere, handmade truffles and belly dancers. 

One of the attendees of the event was Robert Pattinson. To be completely honest, I haven't even seen all the Twilight movies. After this night though, I am most definitely 'Team Edward.' And one time my dad and I drove through Forks if that counts for anything. I talked with Rob about the organization and asked him if he goes back to the UK often. Turns out that we'll both be there over the holidays. I was waiting for him to invite me go on a ride on the London Eye with him or take all the escalators in Harrods...but he didn't. Obviously my future soulmate is playing hard to get. I can play games too, Rob. 

Dress: For Love and Lemons