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Recap of FW15 Fashion Weeks

INSPIRATIONFiona LeahyComment

Fashion weeks have come to a close for the season, and I'm assuming that you didn't sacrifice your life responsibilities like I did to lay in bed and appreciate my high speed internet with live streamings. I put my Netflix binge watching of Gilmore Girls on hold and would fall asleep watching Ralph Lauren in hopes of  dreaming about attending a polo match wearing a chiffon skirt and a floppy hat while bumping into Carter Baizen.   I try to lay low during this time of year since I rather go to bed early to wake up on EST to watch Zimmermann before heading to class. I watched some of New York, Paris, Milan and then attended some shows myself in Los Angeles.   After watching various shows this Spring, I've sifted out my personal favorites and the most important aspects to look out for this Fall:

1. Zac Posen

I've actually put a lot of thought into this and came to one conclusion. While Zac Posen's collection was nothing short of glamorous (as always), everyone knows what really stole the show. Naomi Campbell walking the finale in a full-volume gleaming ruby blush ball gown. I have been brainstorming theories of this how someone/something could look so perfect, and this the only sane settlement I came up with. I truly believe that Naomi Campbell was living in a Barbie box and they had her limbs wrapped up in zip ties and then they untwisted all the wires and unleashed her onto the runway. 

2. Chanel

Lagerfeld back at it again. He sets the bar high for himself season after season; last spring he had my jaw dropped when he transformed the runway into a full on grocery store and had the models strutting down the aisles with shopping baskets as if they were just casually strolling looking for whole wheat tortillas. This time around he took you to a Parisian cafe. Cappuccinos on the house, handsome dapper waiters, wooden oak furnishings and elaborate tile floorings. He named his faux cafe Brasserie Gabrielle after Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel herself. Lagerfeld talked about his collection and explained: "This is really what I would love to see someone wearing for dinner, lunch or breakfast...But not ladies who lunch, huh? That's another era." Yeah Karl, I'd love to go out for buttermilk pancakes wearing head to toe Chanel too. 

3. Anna Sui

The 70's are back! And it's so boho breezy chic vibe I can't even handle it. Of course, it's Anna Sui so her floral patterns are to die for in every shape or form. I loved the mixed textures with the brightly colored fur shearing vests and accents on shoes. I wish I could style myself to dress this chic everyday. She is the queen of interbreeding patterns. 

4. Valentino 

OH MY GOD. As if Valentino couldn't already be more perfect, they ended their show with a finale having Derek Zoolander and Hansel close out the catwalk. I was at school and when I saw this I actually made a scene by jumping out of my seat from shock and excitement. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson ILYSM!

5. Oscar de la Renta

I watched the live streaming of this, and as the camera panned the audience as everyone took their seats and celebrities were being interviewed...I was just sitting here s w e a t i n g. Completely ruined my fresh manicure with my excessive nail bitting prior to the show starting. Nervous. Excited. Worried. Sad. I was going through all possible emotions. Oscar de la Renta passed away last October, and this was the first show that was in the hands of the new appointed creative director, Peter Copping. I had my fingers crossed, legs crossed, arms crossed just praying for Peter to be able to live up to the fashion icon's legacy. And he so did. This show was so spectacular. The gowns were stunning as they flocked down the runway. All together, an amazing tribute and collection to start off a new chapter of the brand. SO well done, Peter. 



Louis Vuitton Series 2

SO LAFiona LeahyComment

One of the most timeless designers of all time, Louis Vuitton, showcased an exhibit in Los Angeles displaying past and current collections. The exhibit was called “Series 2”. One of my favorite aspects of the fashion industry is ad campaigns. I fell in love with fashion when Saint Laurent still had Yves, and before their ad campaigns were just black and white. When I think about a high-end designer the first thing that pops into my mind is their most recent ad campaign. I can instantly picture what the model is wearing, who the model is, the font, the color scheme and what collection piece they're wearing.  A few months ago I saw that Louis Vuitton started releasing an ad campaign titled ‘Series 1’. The editorial-like-multiple-page ad campaign contained photographs taken by some of the most well known fashion photographers in the world: Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber and Annie Leibovitz. The photos were taken in the same location, and the difference of photos showed how all the different artists captured the collection. I was so intrigued by this concept, and to see that ‘Series 2’ was a continuation  and coming to Los Angeles made me so excited.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t always been a fan of Louis Vuitton. I feel as if the monogram is so overdone due to the unfortunate event  of counterfeiting and when I think of Louis Vuitton I automatically think of the LV trademark. This exhibit gave me a whole new appreciation for this French designer. Part of the exhibit was watching how the garments and accessories are made. It showed how everything intricately made by hand to perfection, and how time-consuming it is to make a luxury good. Another favorite part of the exhibit for me was the ‘poster room’, which was a room that was covered in Louis Vuitton ad campaigns. I felt at home, literally. My bedroom looks equivalent to this, except my ceiling isn’t covered (but this gave me a good idea.) I constantly tear out ads and I’m out of wall space and just have stacks in my desk drawers. I left feeling so inspired by such an amazing brand, and lucky to have a luxury brand exhibit in LA for once rather than everything always going straight to New York.