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Honestly I don't know if burgundy is considered in style right now, but i'm really into it. Dark reds are usually a Fall time thing but I recently dyed my hair a shade of crimson (which is sadly fading terribly) so i've been trying to match. One of my go-to easy looks is always a graphic tee and high-waisted jeans with booties. I recently splurged on these Margot Boots by Rag and Bone that went on sale. Paired with my new vintage-feel shirt (half linen/half cotton=dreamy) by Current/Elliot and my favorite black skinny jeans by Paige. 

Bag by Ted Baker London, sunglasses by Celine, and jacket by Burning Torch

Breakfast at The Plaza Hotel


Teal Kitty here reporting from NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. For the past many years of my life I have suffered from temporary depression during this season. Fashion week season. I have vivid memories of missing anthropology class to watch live streamings of Marc Jacobs in my car in the school parking lot. Last spring I shed actual tears watching Peter Copping's first show as creative director of Oscar de la Renta. Being here in New York during this time, is an actual dream come true. 

Started the day off this morning with breakfast at The Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel to celebrate my BFF Brooke's birthday. Unlike the Polo Bar, I forgot to make reservations far in advance and called the day before and got a table and didn't even have to pretend to start crying on the phone like how I had to do for Ralph Lauren. Plaza Hotel is definitely worth walking into the lobby just to see the twinkling chandeliers, and the afternoon tea made me feel like I was actually Blair Waldorf. 

I'm wearing a vintage kimono that I bought from a vintage trade show that happens once a year in LA called Inspiration. I bought it from a vendor who collects ceremonial kimonos and claims that this one is from the 1940's. I absolutely adore kimonos. I always am looking for vintage ones since otherwise it's hard to find them made with pure silk. Wearing my favorite booties, the Chelsea from Rag and Bone. Accompanied by my first ever ever designer handbag that I have had since I bought it when I was 16. It's a rare find to see these old Marc by Marc Jacobs bags with the turn lock. 

You Make It Real

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An easy on-the-go outfit featuring my favorite basics for the not so basic. Tank and leggings by one of my favorite Los Angeles-made brands, Morrison Grey. Each piece is carefully dyed to transform into your new favorite everyday shirt. I wear mine anywhere from underneath a blazer to the office to over a sports bra to pilates. It's challenging to find any shirts made with super soft modal that doesn't start accumulating small little annoying holes everywhere after a couple wears. I have worn and washed all my Morrison Grey tops several times and they always stay in ~PeRFeCT CoNDiTioN~*

Chelsea booties by Rag and Bone, photos by my very dear friend Jose Gallina. You can find Morrison Grey here! More to come xx

Overalls=Boy Repellent

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I've never met a guy who says that they like girls in overalls. Just like all guys hate high-waisted jeans. But it's perfectly fine since I've lost faith in most all of the male species (with exceptions to my father and my friend's dog Jackson). I found these denim vintage Calvin Kleins at Salvation Army, and I'm pretty sure my mom had the same ones in like 1997. 

 I met with founder and head designer of Morrison Grey, Marco, a few weeks ago. We instantly  clicked and bonded over our obsession with thrift shop treasures. He shared with me his inspirations for his line and how it has completely taken off since launching last fall. Morrison Grey is a LA made clothing line who is only on it's second season and already making the racks at Saks. The line contains the most intricately dyed fabrics on the softest textiles. To be completely honest, I wore this black long sleeve shirt three days in a row. I actually physically real-life could not take it off. It is my favorite thing. And it is perfect under any layers, paired with denim or under overalls. It is made of modal, one of my favorite natural fibers derived from beech trees. 

Overalls by Calvin Klein, shirt by Morrison Grey, Chelsea booties by Rag & Bone, purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs and sunglasses by Celine. Debuting my red hair (totally obsessed) here done by my dear friend/LA-based hair stylist Paul Desmarre. If you're looking for an amazing new hair stylist, mention me for a free cut! Pictures by Chris Canon


Pinot On The Go

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Fi takes wine country! Made a day trip to Chalk Hill while I was up north. I can never say no to wine tasting, and the weather was unreal gorgeous. I always say that I need a vacation from my vacation-like lifestyle. This was the perfect little getaway. I can always use a glass of wine (or seven).  Thank you Roth Winery for having me!

Wearing this adorable dress by Free People, I'm obsessed with anything with flared hippie-like sleeves.And  my everyday Rag and Bone booties and Celine sunglasses. 

10 Things To-Do In Dublin

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1. 37th Dawson Street- Of course my number one thing to-do in Dublin would be a bar. Irish people really enjoy their whiskey and I'm learning to keep up (or at least fake it, don't worry dad). I absolutely loved this bar, it's trendy with the neon signs while having moose head taxidermy on the wall making you feel like you're in a cozy pub. 

2. Stroll The Neighborhoods- Something that I was totally unaware of before getting here is that all the houses have like the cutest doors ever. It's actually like a 'thing.' It's a decorative and historical thing to have a colorful painted door, read the full story by clicking the link. 

3. Collect Sea Glass On The Coast Of Dun Laoghaire- Find ocean treasures scattered across the beaches and put it all in a little jar and make yourself a souvenir! About a 20 minute DART ride out of the city. 

4. Grafton Street- Ireland's world famous shopping and culture street! It is gorgeous during the holiday; it's covered in sparkling lights and has multiple decorated Christmas trees. They have some of the same shops as the do in LA such as Topshop, Ted Baker, Zara etc. I fell in love with the store Brown Thomas; It's a high-end luxury department store that I would compare to Saks. I started salivating over the Celine Phantoms (per usual).

5. National Museum Of Ireland- So I'm not much of a history nerd like my sister, but she dragged me here. I appreciate history and all, but there's only so much I can take before it all looks the same to me. They have an exhibit here on the 'bog people.' Which are these super old dead bodies they find in the bogs that are preserved because of the environmental conditions (gross). So basically, I walked in kinda scared but I survived and it wasn't too terrible. I even found it fascinating. I made my sister walk into the rooms first, and then I would walk in subconsciously doing a wink face with one eye open. 

6. Irish Breakfast at Gerry's- If you're in Ireland, obvi you have to get an Irish breakfast. It's all the rage here and they take it very seriously. Personally I'm not much of a breakfast type of gal, but you gotta get it if you're here. If you don't want to eat the black pudding no hard feelings, I have a hard time eating it too once I found out what it's made of. 

7. Brazen Head- The oldest pub in Ireland! OPEN SINCE 1198. How crazy is that?! It's like as if you just stepped into a time machine. This bar is super cozy, great atmosphere and funky decor. You have to visit while in Dublin!

8.Gunniess Storehouse- The number one visited place by tourists in Ireland.  This place is absolutely massive, and if you didn't like beer before you will now. It's a 7-story self tour through the factory. After finishing the tour, the top level is the Gravity Bar where you can see a panoramic view of Dublin through all glass windows while drinking a pint. 

9. Bewley's- The cutest cafe on Grafton Street! You can come here for a casual coffee or sit down for lunch or dinner in the back room or upstairs. Shimmering chandilers hang from the ceiling and the walls are covered in vintage floral print wallpaper.  They have the best scones I've ever had in my entire life. Also I highly recommend the Irish coffee. 

10. Trinity College- The most beautiful campus. My sister is attending graduate school here, and I swear it looks like Hogwarts or something. This is where you can find The Book of Kells (a 9th century gospel manuscript) in the Old Library if you're into historical things. 


Wearing faux fur coat from Topshop, black dress by James Perse, tights from H&M and booties by Rag&Bone


Shopping Guide: Everything I Would Buy My Boyfriend For Christmas If He Existed

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Now I hope you don't get totally thrown off by the title of this post. No, I'm not desperately boyfriend searching. I'm not bitter about being single whatsoever but I guess I don't always have the best of luck in the #romance category.  I'm so independent that my father actually worries about me when I say that maybe I'll never get married because he fears my lack of procreation in the future. I have so many girlfriends that have told me "I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas." After I'm done rolling my eyes for the 7th time, I thought of a few ideas. And it seems like I'm the go-to gal for this advice because for whatever reason they think I'm *~eXPeRieNCeD~* in this field of work, but really I think I'm just a shopaholic with an infatuation with men's fashion. So, if your man isn't that into the way he dresses this guide isn't really for you (Or maybe you should reconsider your relationship). Or maybe it is, if you want him to look better so your arm candy is more swanky and hot. Your decision. 

1.  Bonne Maison Socks  $20+

These unique socks are made in France and spun from Egyptian cotton in Italy. The patterns are so unique and stood out to me right when I saw them. My favorites are the floral patterns Fawn Bouquet and Dark Carnation. I know you're thinking that floral is girly, but a hint of femininity is so in style. 

2. Rag and Bone Wallet $125

One of my favorite American fashion labels for both men and women's collections. These wallets are 100% leather and  timeless, he'll never get sick of it. Anything from Rag and Bone is a perfect gift for a guy, and you can find a lot of discounted things on Barney's Warehouse.

3. Breeze Breathalyzer $100

Okay so this isn't really fashion related, but your boo thang getting a DUI wouldn't be cute either. This pocket gadget key chain checks your blood alcohol level and will tell you how long it will take you until your sober. Woah, this thing is so futuristic and so 2014.

4. John Varvatos Cologne $88

John Varvatos makes the best colognes! There's a variety so go smell them all and see what your favorite is. My favorite scent is Vintage. The smell of this can make things deceiving, like you might think a guy is hotter than he actually is because you're so distracted with how good he smells. Comes from experience.

5. Acne Button Down Shirt $200-300

These are only for boyfriends that really like fashion. Acne is bigger across seas than it is in Los Angeles, it's a Stockholm luxury fashion house that stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions." No, has nothing to do with blemishes. 


Okay, these are just perfect. If your boy toy has an edgy side to him, these are everything. If you think your boyfriend can't pull this off, please do not risk it. Wannabe biker boys are unpleasing to the eye.  My favorite styles are: Cranleigh Leather Biker Jacket and Cargo Leather Jacket.

7. Record Player $100+

So how cute would it be if your boyfriend put on some records when you came to his house....just sayin'

8. Make him a blanket! 

I looked up boyfriend gift ideas on Pinterest, and I'm scrolling through all this shit and I'm thinking to myself what kind of guy wants this. Like why is something glittery and sparkly in every other picture. No, don't make him art-class-project scrapbook. At least I wouldn't. But then again I'm not the one to talk because maybe this is why I am single; I have never made a DIY snow globe or a card game containing the 52 reasons 'I love you' (plz hold while I go throw up a little.)The only thing on there that had semi-potential is making a blanket. There are cute ones that are easy to make without sewing and there's probably a youtube video out there that will teach you in less than 30 seconds. 

9. Art of Shaving Kit $120

He'll love this I promise! And they come in kits with everything they'll need. And then their face smells good (weird?).  They also come in different scents and my favorite is Sandalwood. 

10. Fitbit Watch $250

Okay to be completely honest, I actually kind of want one of these myself. If your boy is the athletic gym-going type, he'll find this useful. It tracks your heart beat, GPS tracking (you could probably somehow set it up before you give it to him so you can GPS stalk him idk), calorie counter and so much more.